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Boozy Blends and Refreshers

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Boozy Blends and Refreshers
Drink Aromas have a surprisingly substantial fun place in Fragrance. Wether the Boozy Blends and Refreshers flavor is a tea, wine, alcoholic beverage, soda or cider, these Aroma is an exciting addition to home aroma, DIY projects and body care. Imagine an aromatic Cafe Vienna coffee sugar scrub, Spiced Cider candle or a Bay Rum laundry boost! These drink aromas are amazing and draw out both happy and relaxing feelings. So here is a list of Eternal Essence Boozy Blends and Refreshers for your pleasure. Almond Coconut Milk- A creamy milky coconut nutty type with top notes of almond extract, wisteria, orange and coconut milk, middle notes of jasmine and heliotrope, with a tonka bean and sugary vanilla base note. Bay Rum- A vibrant floral blend of white lily, sweet carnation and velvet rose come together with rum and vanilla notes to create this tantalizing Oil Fragrance. Cafe Vienna- Coffee is one of the world’s most consumed drinks with over 1400 million cups of coffee drunk around the world each day. It is one of the most traded commodities in the world and it’s name ‘coffee’ originates from the Arabic word ‘kaweh’ meaning strength or vigor. This Café Vienna Fragrance Oil, just like your favorite caffeine addiction, is a brilliant delight. It has coffee notes with the sweet nuances of caramel and brown sugar. Cabernet & Neroli- A fruity cabernet wine type with top notes of wild grape, cherry, and strawberry, middle notes of apple, orange blossom and plum, with a base of delicate vanilla musk. Green Tea- Green tea, native to China and India, has been consumed and hailed for its health benefits for centuries. This soothing, fragrant, green tea has top notes of muguet, blueberry, lemon, apple and bergamot, with rose, gardenia, licorice and spice at the heart of the fragrance and base notes of amber, musk and powder. Guava Colada Type- A fruity and tropical coconut type with top notes of peach, coconut, apricot, and cherry, middle notes of pear, milky melon, jasmine, and cyclamen, with a tonka bean, and sugary vanilla base note. Margarita- Margaritas’, the refreshing cool lime cocktail, is the perfect summer drink and aroma. You can enjoy it’s aroma with this Margarita oil fragrance, having a clean, crisp, refreshing citrus scent, and is a must have for your scent collection. Pina Colada- Bartender Ramón Marrero created the classic drink in 1954 in San Juan, Puerto Rico—and it has since become what may just be the world’s most popular rum drink. This Oil Fragrance blend was created to be a truly fruity sensational aroma having the fragrances of ripe of pineapple, tart cherry, and tangy citrus notes, blended with sweet coconut milk and finished with delicate notes of vanilla and white musk. Red Current Thyme Tea- This oil fragrance is a rich floral blend of wine-like fruity tea aromas with depth and complexity. This beautiful aroma has some tartness and musk mingling notes and is a must have distinct fragrance for your collection. Root Beer- Most food historians think it likely that the first versions of root beer started out as “small beer,” a beverage brewed from herbs, bark, and berries and it even later turns up in a variety of classical literature, including several of William Shakespeare’s plays and Vanity Fair by William Thackery. Spiced Cider- A mulled apple type with top notes of green apple, lemon, orange and eucalyptus, middle notes of cinnamon, peach, pine, and clove with a tonka bean, vanilla, base note. **

About Us

At Eternal Essence Oils, we felt our product was going to represent us and the quality we give, to you, our customer. So, we continue to research and source new products that meet our customers’ growing needs. Our mission is to supply the finest products without breaking the bank.
  • We’re proud to offer over 90 of the foremost and leading Fragrance Oils that conform to IFRA standards without breaking the bank.
  • Eternal Essence Oils are designed for use in cosmetics and are perfect for adding personalized scents to:
    • Soaps, lotions, creams
    • Hair care and body care products
    • Cleaning products, room sprays, laundry, linens, and aroma diffusers
  • Our Fragrance oils are synthetically compounded from aroma chemicals; these scents are rich, complex, and long lasting. Personalize any of your products or add an Eternal Essence Oil to spice up your current favorite fragrance. Create a scent that is simply yours.

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