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Room Fragrance

By :Christina Wolkenfeld 0 comments
Room Fragrance
Fragrance Oils can be so simple and fun and todays post is just that, simplicity at its best. Adding Room Fragrance can be added to multiple rooms, lamps, lightbulbs and don't forget the garage, I know mine could use some good fragrances right now. The Bathroom is a no brainer to add fragrance too, Eucalyptus spa feels or Pineapple for the tropical paradise feel? So here's the easy peasy way to add fragrance to every room. Just add 1-2 drops of Fragrance Oil on a cold light bulb and let it dry. Yes, that's it! The heat from the bulb when it is turned on will release aroma into the room. Now the hard part is picking which fragrance for each room. Tropical, Floral, Woodsy, Sweet, the list goes on and on. Just remember we offer sets so you can have more fragrance oils to choose from. Now go and have some fun with it!

Here are some of our favorite sets:

RELAXTION GIFT SET- Lavender Chamomile, Sandalwood, Ylang Ylang, Mountain Rain, Ocean Breeze, Eucalyptus.

This set is perfect for creating that tranquil spa ambiance that we crave. Relax to these aromatic wonders that bring peace & calming.

SWEET GIFT SET- Bubble Gum, Orange Creamsicle, Peaches & Cream, Blue Cotton Candy, Oatmeal Cookie Dough, Chocolate.

This delectable set is bursting with sweet sensational fragrances sure to transform any creation or home with their goodness.

WOODSY GIFT SET- Frankincense, Pine Needle, Cedarwood, Bamboo & Teak, Woodland Bay, Sandalwood.

This set is complete with our Eternal Essence rich wood fragrances, which create a lovely lush fresh environment inspired by our cherished trees.

FRUITY GIFT SET- Apple, Mango Madness, Honeydew Melon, Strawberry, Pear, Grapefruit.

This set is likened to a fruit bowl filled with our favorite luscious Eternal Essence fruit fragrances. Take these home for fresh fruity aromatics all day long.
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