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Dryer Sheets You Can Make at Home

By :Christina Wolkenfeld 0 comments
Dryer Sheets You Can Make at Home
We ran across this amazing and creative way to use Fragrance Oils to create Dryer Sheets and wanted to share this with you! Dryer sheets are a perfect way to reduce static and add freshness to your clothes. What better way to add your favorite aromas to your clothes and everyday life in an inexpensive way?! We bumped into this DIY on a blog called Six Dollar Family, . This blog is dedicated to helping people and specific post taught people how to save money by making their own fabric softener sheets. Read what Six Dollar Family says about the Fabric Softeners below: "One of my goals for the new year was not only to cut out budget, but to really get rid of a lot of the chemicals that we have in the house. I’ve always used vinegar in the rinse cycle, but until now, I’d never considered making my own dryer sheets. That is until I realized that my family is virtually incapable of putting the vinegar in the rinse cycle. I’m sure some of you are right there with me on the frustration of crispy towels because the softener was forgotten. They might forget to use the liquid vinegar, but for some reason, they alwaysremember to use dryer sheets. That’s where these bad boys come into play! I am seriously in love with these because of how simple they are to make! This is simple living at it’s best, my friends!" We love fragrance and creative ways to use them here at Eternal Essence Oil so here is the link to learn how to make Reusable Fabric Softener Sheets. Let us know what you think about them and what your favorite aromas to use for them are! Follow us on Pinterst for more DIY and daily uses for Eternal Essence Fragrance Oils!

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