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Clothes Fragrance

By :Christina Wolkenfeld 0 comments
Clothes Fragrance
Having Clothes Fragrance can be so special, just a little whiff of your favorite aroma as you're going about your day can really cheer you up and put a little spring in your step. It is so easy and affordable to have Linens and Clothes Fragrance. What aroma makes you feel happy, add it to your wash. Holiday time, add a fun holiday aroma such as Candy Cane or Pine Needle to your table settings. Towels needs some refreshing for a house guest, put them in the dryer with some Lavender! Washer: Add several drops of Fragrance Oil in your washing machine, after the water is filled, with each wash for fresh smelling laundry. Dryer: Use several drops of any Fragrance Oil on a six-inch by six-inch cloth and toss it in the dryer with your clothes for a dryer sheet solution. Make sure to check out our Pinterest page for more ideas for home use and DIY ideas to use with Eternal Essence Fragrance Oils! *Candy Cane- The Candy Cane, a sweet minty fresh Christmastime treat, was created over 350 years ago and is now also used for decoration. Decorate your home this holiday season with a classic, fresh Candy Cane mint Oil Fragrance. It has light citrus top notes swirled with intense peppermint and lavender mid notes and a smooth vanilla base. *Pine Needle- This Pine Needle oil fragrance is elevating and refreshing, a strong, clean Pine aroma. It is bound to take your senses on a walk through a Christmas tree farm or a hike through a dense Pine forest.
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