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Coconut Cream Exfoliating Soap Bars

By :Christina Wolkenfeld 0 comments
Coconut Cream Exfoliating Soap Bars

We ran across Mom Makes Joy's Sweet Coconut Exfoliating Soap Bars blog post in which she uses Eternal Essence Coconut Fragrance Oil to create a fun and vacation get away recipe. It contains a wonderful way to make your own Coconut Cream Exfoliating Soap Bars with a luffa at home for soft clean yummy smelling skin using our Coconut Cream Fragrance. Click HERE for Mom Makes Joy Recipe Our Coconut Cream oil fragrance was a perfect part of this recipe because it is delicious, sweet and creamy with nuances of sweet burnt sugar, cinnamon and peach at the heart of the fragrance. It is a tropical paradise able to transport your senses to a white sandy beach, relaxing in the shade of a palm tree. One smell of it and your shoulders will relax and you'll feel the rays of sunshine on your caribbean tanned face. Ok, maybe not exactly the tanned Caribbean part, but aroma is a direct link to your brain and thoughts and can highly impact our moods. In our high stress lifestyles we all need to take care of our selves a little better so we can be better to the people around us. Is a little Caribbean get away while you scrub in the shower too much to ask. We don't think so. Have a great time making and using this fun recipe and send us a tropical postcard (or comment below) on how you enjoyed this creative recipe.

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