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DIY Body Wash with Fragrance

By :Christina Wolkenfeld 0 comments
DIY Body Wash with Fragrance
Here's a DIY Body Wash with Fragrance we thought you would enjoy. Personalizing your home care products is the best way to create products you enjoy using. Here's how to do it: BODY WASH Here's what you need: 6 cups of water 2 (4.4oz) bars of Dove soap (Make sure it says Beauty Bar) 1 tbsp. Coconut Oil
How to: Using a cheese grater and grate the bars of dove soap into a large bowl. Bring water to a simmer in a large pot. When the water is simmering, mix in the grated soap and coconut oil using a spatula. Mix the contents consistently (but not non-stop) until soap is melted, approximately 7 to 10 minutes. Remove it from the heat, and add several drops of your favorite Eternal Essence Fragrance Oil. Let it sit uncovered in the pot for 2 hours. Stir once after 2 hours and bottle it up into your containers using a funnel. An empty shampoo container works well or a Mason Jar with a pump lid. Some of our favorite aroma's for this DIY Body Wash with Fragrance is:

ACAI BERRY – This Acai Berry oil fragrance possesses the fresh and invigorating aroma of the Acai Berry, a fruit that grows in Brazilian Amazon forest. It is a bevy of sweet and succulent aromas with top notes of raspberry, strawberry, pear, and sweet pineapple. Heart notes of classic jasmine, carnation, gardenia, and peach mingled with a whisper of musk at the base of the fragrance

COCONUT CREAM – This oil fragrance is delicious, sweet and creamy with nuances of sweet burnt sugar, cinnamon and peach at the heart of the fragrance. This Coconut Cream oil fragrance is a tropical paradise able to transport your senses to a white sandy beach, relaxing in the shade of a palm tree.

TAHITIAN VANILLA –This complex exotic creamy vanilla is a must have for your line. Entwined with a whisper of heavenly tropical flowers, this Fragrance Oil invites in the tropical aromatic ambiance of a Tahitian Island breeze.

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