In almost every home you can find some Tea Lights, you know, those small candles you can find at almost every store? Well all it takes is your favorite fragrances and there you have it, a new candle aroma ambiance in every room. You can change it up every night for a different mood. Just drop one or two drops in your tea light candle before it’s lit and then when the candle is lit it is released into the air.  The great thing about tea lights is that they burn for 2-4 hours and then you just add a new one to your candle holder so you can change your room aroma every night. So depending on what’s going on that night, you can add a specific aroma. Relaxing dinner party, pizza night in, movie, art night, board games, dessert, you name it there’s an aroma that would be fun to add to the room. Here are a few fun ideas:

Relaxing Dinner- Lavender Chamomile

Board Game Night- Malibu Rum Cupcakes

Dessert- Chocolate or Banana Creamy

Hot Bath Soak- Eucalyptus

Movie Night- Aspen Winter

Art Night- Jasime

Book- Cinnamon

Date Night- PS I Love You

Work at home- Ocean Breeze or Instant Vacation

Kids night- Strawberry or Mango Madness

Birthday Party- Cotton Candy

There are so many options so get creative and add new Candle Aroma and expression to your time at home. Just as a tip, our sets are a perfect way to start with home aroma and especial the floral set. Who doesn’t love flowers and how they brighten a room?


Lavender, Lilac & Lilies, Magnolia, Jasmine, Plumeria, Rose.

This set is likened to long leisurely stroll through a spring garden. Its beautiful floral fragrances are enchanting and fresh and filled with our Eternal Essence flower favorites.

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