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Make Incense Sticks at Home

By :Christina Wolkenfeld 0 comments
Make Incense Sticks at Home
Todays post is on how to make incense sticks at home. The good thing is that once you do it you are set up to make more of them easier. First step is to get your supplies and decide which fragrance oils you want to use. Here are the directions. Supplies for a 20-stick batch: 20 – 11β€³ incense sticks 12 ml. Refresher Oil Base or DPG (Dipropylene Glycol) 6 ml. Fragrance Oil 1 Glass test tube 25 x 250 mm (10β€³ tall) 2 Disposable Pipettes Permanent marker (optional, but it helps for later uses) Holder of some sort to keep the test tube upright Drying rack Step One Start with a clean, dry test tube and add to it 12ml of Refresher Oil Base using a pipette. Mark the test tube with permanent marker so you don’t have to measure again when make more. Step Two Add 6ml Fragrance Oil to the Refresher Oil Base. A 50/50 blend is a great tester. Step Three Mix the oils together – Just put your thumb over the top of the test tube and gently shake the oils. Step Four Put the incense sticks into the dip. They are only covered to the first quarter but in three days they will all soak up the mix. Step Five You’ll need a place to put the tubes for 3 days. You can use test tube racks or a box/basket that won’t be disturbed and can keep the tube upright. Step Six In about three days the incense should be soaked. (If they are not soaked all the way to the stick bottom, they need more time to soak.) Remove the sticks from the tube and place them on the drying rack. The test for dryness is when you run them over a paper towel and there is no residue.
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