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Create your own Holiday Fragrance Rollers

By :Christina Wolkenfeld 0 comments
Create your own Holiday Fragrance Rollers
Tiss the season to be jolly! Now that we are in the holiday cheer season or lights, presents, celebrating and parties, we have a delightful idea for entering into the festivities with aroma. We have a delightful idea for creating your own Holiday Fragrance Rollers! You can have our jolly aromas in an easy-to-apply and transportable roller bottle. These are perfect for holiday parties, dinner and get togethers, and are be a wonderful homemade gift for your friends and family as well!

What you will need:

  1. Roller Bottles ( 5 ml bottles find HERE on Amazon)
  2. Fragrance Oils (Scroll to the bottom for some Holiday Aromas)
  3. Carrier Oil (find Coconut oil here HERE , can also use Almond, Jojoba, or another that you like)

How to make:

Add Carrier Oil onto glass bottle until it is 3/4 full. Add 5-10 drops of the Holiday Fragrance oil of your choice. Place your thumb over the top and shake, then test the potency on your skin by dabbing a little on your wrist. If you like more aroma add more fragrance oil. Start with less and add more to your liking. After you have added the oils to the bottle make sure to press firmly down on the roller, as this will help avoid leakage. Bottles containing oils or liquid should be stored and transported upright to prevent leakage. Apply as desired <3

Holiday Aromas perfect for creating Holiday Fragrance Rollers:

Reindeer Retreat

A blue spruce and festive pine type with top notes of fir needles, eucalyptus, orange peel and holly berries, middle notes of clove, pine, rose, and lily of the valley, with a mossy, musky, cedar and camphoraceous base note.

Warmth Of The Holidays

Family and friends gather for holiday cheer and the house is filled with festive fragrance. Top notes of crisp apple, berries, fragrant pear and sparkling lemon. Warm spices form the mid notes, with cinnamon, nutmeg, allspice and bay leaf. Luscious peach reaches into the delicious nutty base notes of coconut, vanilla, powder and balsam.

Sexy Cinnamon Clove

A spicy floral type with top notes of peach, middle notes of jasmine, cinnamon, clove, and rose, with a woody, musky, tonka bean and vanilla base note.

Spiced Cider

A mulled apple type with top notes of green apple, lemon, orange and eucalyptus, middle notes of cinnamon, peach, pine, and clove with a tonka bean, vanilla, base note.

Aspen Winter

This Aspen Winter Fragrance Oil is the aroma of crisp citrus notes intertwining with an abundance of warm winter spices of clove and cinnamon, sitting on a dry down of sweet vanilla.
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