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Make your own Fall Inspired room spray

By :Christina Wolkenfeld 0 comments
Make your own Fall Inspired room spray
There are so many ways to use Fragrances this Fall, Pumpkin Patch Room Spray, Cinnamon Carpet Refresher & Apple Candles are just a few. We wanted to share an easy way to create a Fall Inspired Room Spray <3 You can use this recipe to create any room spray your heart desires but today we are creating a Fall Aroma made with Spicy Cinnamon and Pumpkin, sure to put you in an Autumn mood.

Fall Inspired Room Spray:

Add several drops of Pumpkin Patch & Cinnamon Fragrance Oil to a spray bottle full of water. We like this bottle on Amazon, it's glass and this order comes with enough bottles to create a few different room sprays. How much oil you use depends on the size of the bottle, so play around with it and see what you prefer. Use this spray for all your rooms in need of some seasonal Fall refreshening.


This aroma is warm and inviting, just sit down with your cup of cocoa, warm cozy blanket and this delicious Pumpkin oil fragrance in the air for a lovely autumn ambiance. The perfect mix of spices with top notes of cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, pumpkin, and rum. It has mid notes of apples, muguet, peach and ginger, with nutty vanilla and woody musk base notes. Get comfy with this Pumpkin Patch oil fragrance.

CINNAMON – 30ML $5.95

The Hebrew Bible makes specific mention of cinnamon many times, including Moses being commanded to use sweet cinnamon in the holy anointing oil and in Proverbs where the lover’s bed is perfumed with myrrh, aloes, and cinnamon, just to name a few. This fragrance oil is warm, spicy, woody, balsamic, energizing, and sweet.

6, Amber, 2 oz Glass Bottles, with Black Fine Mist Sprayers

About the product
  • 6 - 2 oz, Amber Glass Bottles, with Black Fine Mist Sprayers, and Dust caps.
  • Perfect for essential oils, perfume oils, or other liquids.
  • Safe, secure and convenient packaging.
  • Excellent for travel, conveniently fits in your purse.
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