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Scented Cotton Candy Fluffy Slime

By :Christina Wolkenfeld 0 comments
Scented Cotton Candy Fluffy Slime

This blog post features a recipe called Scented Cotton Candy Fluffy Slime by a 13 year old girl named Avani. Avani has created her own small business, successfully selling in person and she just released an Etsy store found HERE, called Glacier Slime. We are so thankful to be able to share this story and recipe because for one, we love that this young women has tapped into her creativity and entrepreneurial gifting and two, she uses our Eternal Essence Fragrance Oils in her recipes.


Here is the Scented Cotton Candy Fluffy Slime recipe below along with some pictures to help you along the way. Ingredients Medium Bowl Large spoon to stir Elmer’s glue 8oz Shaving foam (Preferably Sensitive) Eye Contact Solution ¼ tsp Borax Warm water and small dish Food coloring (I used the color teal ) Favorite Eternal Essence Oil (for this one I used Blue Cotton Candy) First in a bowl pour 8oz Elmer’s white glue (or 2 regular 4oz size bottles)  Then spray shaving foam on top, about 1 ½ times the amount of glue. I like the sensitive kind of shaving cream, I think it has less scent. The more you add the fluffier the slime.  

Mix together well until completely blended. Squirt in the eye contact solution. Squirt a lot on top then stir and repeat. No specific amount. Just keep repeating until it all pulls away from the sides of the bowl and forms together. It will be sticky.  

Take a small dish and add a ¼ tsp of Borax to about 2oz warm water and stir till completely dissolved.  Take and add ¼ of the water borax solution at a time to the original glue/shaving foam solution until it isn’t too sticky to handle and is firm but still stretchy. Usually about 1 tsp is what you'll need. (This helps it to be less sticky)  After that stretch and play with your slime, adding a tiny bit more borax water if needed.   


Now you can add your favorite color and a few dashes of your favorite scent from Eternal Essence Oils. Of course, today we used Blue Cotton Candy.    

Because there are so many different great smelling Eternal Essence Fragrance oils, the slime scent possibilities are endless, so get creative with your slime scents and colors. A big thank you to Avani and her family for offering their special recipe with us! Check out Glacier Slime on Etsy HERE , to stop by Avani's new store and to maybe get some Scented Cotton Candy Fluffy Slime or 16 other scented slimes for a niece, nephew, daughter, son, or grandchild.

This is a popular gift right now (and perfect for the Easter Basket) and not only fun to play with but kids also love the added aroma! OR why not start a new tradition by making this slime together with your kids for Easter followed by lots of play time. **If you have a special recipe of your own, let us know and you could be the next to be featured on our blog.

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