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Easy Whipped Sugar Scrub for Spring

By :Christina Wolkenfeld 0 comments
Easy Whipped Sugar Scrub for Spring
All you need for the Easy Whipped Sugar Scrub for Spring is:
  • coconut oil
  • fragrance oil {your choice of our florals for Spring}
  • white granulated sugar
  • food coloring {optional, but they can make it so pretty, see below with flower options}
Amounts are simple, You just want equal amounts sugar and coconut oil. Add fragrance oils by the drop until you get the perfect level of fragrance. Same goes for food coloring. Simply put your oils into a mixing bowl {or the mixing bowl of your stand mixer} and beat. Within a few minutes, that solid lump of coconut oil is light and fluffy. Mix in your sugar and food coloring and you're done. A super quick and satisfying scrub gift for a friend or for yourself. Fun for Easter Baskets too <3 Here's a list of some of our Floral Fragrances to choose from to create this Easy Whipped Sugar Scrub for Spring: -Lavender (purple food coloring) - The ever-popular Lavender plant is indigenous to the Mediterranean area and offers a heavenly fragrance. The use of Lavender goes back thousands of years, with the first recorded uses by the Egyptians during the mummification process. Both the Greeks and the Romans had many uses for it, the most popular being for bathing, cooking, as an ingredient in perfume, healing wounds, and as an insect repellant. This Lavender oil fragrance is true to the classic lavender aroma, cherished by so many. 2. Enchanted Orchid (pink food coloring)- With a delicate, sculptural beauty and historical rarity, Orchid exotic blooms carry an unrivaled symbol of refinement, luxury and mystery. This Enchanted Orchid Fragrance Oil has mesmerizing fruit and floral notes that capture the exotic characteristics of a blooming orchid garden. It has top notes of juicy orange and mandarin, middle floral notes of velvet rose, lily of the valley and violet blend nicely with a white musk base. 3. Magnolia (leave white)- The Magnolia tree is one of the most ancient flowering trees known to mankind and has striking large blossoms. The flower blossom is associated with nobility, perseverance, dignity, and a love of nature. This Oil Fragrance is a fragrant symphony of lily, jasmine and rose with a delicate spicy blend at the base. 4. Jasmine ( leave white)- β€œIt is the ancient smell of calm, the cool beauty of the night. You know the jasmine flower only opens after dark, when the sun sets and the temperature drops. The small white flowers look like the stars painted on the ceilings of the tombs of pharaohs.” -Tom Healy. This oil fragrance is a classic beautiful jasmine with top notes of muguet, ozone, and floral apple with a touch of grape. It contains heart notes of jasmine, rose, and lilac, and musk with woody notes at the base. 5. Rose Garden- (pink or yellow food coloring)- β€œWhat’s in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.” -Romeo and Juliet, William Shakespeare Take a stroll through an elegant English rose garden with this delightful Rose Garden oil fragrance. The heart of the fragrance is a sumptuous bouquet of roses, with nuances of carnation and a base note of soft lingering musk. 6. Sunflower- (yellow) -Sunflowers are known to lift the spirits, being bright and cheery, and as warm and inviting as the sweet summer sun. Sunflowers symbolize adoration, loyalty and longevity. The heart of this Sunflower Oil Fragrance consists of sunflower, gardenia, rose, carnation and camphor and base notes of violet and musk. Let this aroma fill your home and lift your spirit. Make sure to stop by our Pinterest page HERE for more fun fragrance ideas!
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