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Make your own Mountain Hike Candle

By :Destiny Dickerman 0 comments
Make your own Mountain Hike Candle
There are few things as wonderful as the aroma's and sights you will encounter on a fresh mountain hike. Flowersalong the trail, passing berry bushes and fragrant trees. Today's recipe, Mountain Hike Candle , is for our hiking and nature lovers. We found a recipe on eHow for making candles and the thing I really like about this recipe is their use of wood for the wick. I find this especially charming for our Mountain Hike Candle recipe. The aroma we chose for the Mountain Hike Candle is Mountain Rain oil fragrance. It is crisp, light, and clean, reminiscent of pristine mountain air after a rain. It has wonderful soft floral undertones mingled with juicycitrus, and hints of pine and musk surely to cause you to slip away to a relaxing mountainside view with this enchanting aroma. Follow the link below to the recipe and all you need to do is add several drops on Mountain Rain Fragrance Oil. Play with the recipe to see how strong or light you prefer your candles, you are the artist of your creation. Enjoy the journey of creating as much as the destination. Candle Recipe
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