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Toilet Spray Poo Pourri

By :Christina Wolkenfeld 0 comments
Toilet Spray Poo Pourri

We love this Toilet Spray use of Fragrance Oil because you can get a little chuckle out of giving it as a gift or having it in your bathroom for use.


1 tsp. Rubbing Alcohol 30-40 drops of Fragrance Oil (Lemongrass and/or Peppermint) Water Pour 1 tsp. of Rubbing Alcohol in a 3 oz. spray container. Add 30-40 drops of Eternal Essence Fragrance Oil of your choice (Lemongrass and Peppermint are good choices). Add water to fill the container and give it a good shake. Spray 3-4 times into toilet bowl before use to trap odors. We found this DIY spray on the Happy Money Saver Blog, and while they use essentials oils, it is just as powerful to use Fragrance Oils. We like the blog's idea of saving money on house hold products and this one is super fun! "So, this year for Christmas I bought my husband his own little bottle of the popular name brand poo fragrance spray for the bathroom. He opened it and laughed and I laughed and then it got all awkward and he was like, “What an awesome gag gift!” and I sort of stopped laughing and was like, “Gag gift, nothin’! This is real. REAL!! My years of suffering have finally come to an end!!” And now it has a permanent place of honor in our bathroom. Anyway, after experiencing this little magic in a bottle I can safely say he’s a fan too. And after I, ahem, put it to use, I thought I recognized a certain favorite smell: essential oils. After researching it further, I discovered all this poo fragrance spray for the bathroom is, is basically essential oil water all gussied up in some pretty brilliant packaging. Translation: perfect for an easy DIY’er project." Money Saver Blog

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