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DIY Hair Mist and Perfume for Lasting Aroma

By :Christina Wolkenfeld 0 comments
DIY Hair Mist and Perfume for Lasting Aroma
Who doesn't want their hair to smell dreamy all day. If you could daily have your favorite aroma on your locks, wouldn't you? Well you can, with this DIY Hair Mist and Perfume! You can create your own perfect blend from some of our Eternal Essence Oils or you can pick your favorite Eternal Essence aroma and make this Do It Yourself Hair Perfume and Mist. This easy, yet luxurious, homemade spray will leave your hair feeling refreshed and manageable.
  • Put 1/2 cup distilled water /rose water or witch hazel
  • Add 5 to 10 drops of Eternal Essence Fragrance Oil.
Pour the water into a spray bottle and add the fragrance oil. Shake well before each use and simply spray as lightly as you want on freshly washed hair and style as usual. Some of our winter aromas might be perfect for this idea right now, have fun with it and change up your fragrance of choice as the seasons change. They say smell is our strongest sense and linked to our memories, so create some great memories with these aromas. **Some of the Eternal Essence Oil Fragrances we recommend for this Do It Yourself Perfume and Mist can be found here in our sets. The Floral Set (Lavender, Lilac & Lillies, Violet, Jasmine, Plumeria, Rose) would be a ideal set of 6 of our floral aromas to use for this DIY Hair Mist and Perfume. You could change them the fragrances through out the year for a different femanine aroma for each season. Make sure to check out our Pinterest page for more creative and versatile Uses for Fragrance Oils including a Do It Yourself Body Wash, Reusable Dryer Sheets, Dry Dog Shampoo and Carpet Powder! There really is An Aroma for Every Season and Mood and the more you use aroma the more you find what aroma is ideal for you.

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