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Holiday Party Aroma

By :Christina Wolkenfeld 0 comments
Holiday Party Aroma
Your hosting a party, family or just enjoying the holiday season and want to add a special aroma to your ambiance. Here are a few easy ways to add Holiday Aroma to your home:
  1. Room Freshener: Just before people arrive, use a room spray with your favorite holiday scent! To create it, add several drops of Fragrance Oil to a spray bottle full of water. Use the spray in any room in need of a freshen up and to fill with holiday cheer.
  2. Candles: Sprinkle your favorite Holiday Fragrance Oil into the wax near the wick of a candle before it is lit. As the candle burns, the oil will heat up and the fragrance will drift throughout the room.
Now that you know how to, here are a few Holiday Favorite Aroma's to choose from: Peppermint Swirl, Candy Cane, Caramel, Chocolate, Cinnamon, Pine Needle & Snikerdoodle. You can even create a Holiday Reed Diffuser for the bathroom. Check out our DIY Reed Diffuser blog post for directions on making one. Enjoy the Holiday Season with your loved ones and have fun with these aromas :)

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